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Why Does Breath of Newborn Stink

If you have a newborn in your house and wonder why does his/her breath stinks awfully then here is a reason. The main condition that leads to bad breath in newborn is the condition called dry mouth. This is evident in any newborn babies as the normal production of saliva develops slowly. Even if you apply all the good smelling powder and keep close eye on the nappies still your baby’s mouth would stink awfully only because of the dry mouth. As he hasn’t developed teeth yet the option of brushing is not possible even you can make him gargle the mouth with some fresh smelling mouthwash. If you wonder how dry mouth cause the smell then blame it to the wide range of bacteria that make the mouth of your child their home. These bacteria are the main culprit for newborn’s bad breath.

Apart from decreased saliva secretion another reason for the dry mouth is the habit of keeping mouth open while taking a good sleep. As babies sleep most of the day and night out they almost every time keep their mouth open which makes it dry and invite various bacteria. Another reason that make you complain ‘my baby’s breath stinks’ is the presence of infection in the body. As newborns are quite exposed to all sorts of infection causing agents they might capture infection from any bacteria or virus that attacks the throat and mouth of the child.

This often emanates bad odor to his/her breath and is a real cause of concern. You could depict presence of infection by noticing bad breath all pain in left ovary day round. Generally the child’s breath would smell awful mainly in the morning but if it is present all day long then it might indicate towards infection. The newborn bad breath could also be a result of sinusitis or infection to the eardrum which is rare to occur but if present gives bad breath as symptom. The best way to prevent this prom happening is cleaning his mouth after feeding milk or other foodstuff. Just put some water in his mouth that would wash the traces of milk and would eliminate the cause of dry mouth.

Also give water before the baby goes to sleep at noon or in night to prevent dry mouth. If you are giving some toys to your child to play with and as usual he or she is putting it in his mouth then take due care to wash and cleanse the toys regularly to avoid any contamination. Even after trying all this you feel ‘my baby’s breath stinks’then consult with pediatrician to rule out the cause of infection or other.